What is Juvéderm Ultra XC?

Juvéderm Ultra XC is an FDA-approved dermal filler that is specifically designed to add volume to thin lips and smooth out facial lines and folds (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and depressed areas in the cheeks).

I’m new to Juvéderm Ultra XC; how does it work?

Ultra XC has a unique formula of hyaluronic acid (HA) and Hylacross technology. This combination makes Ultra XC smoother and more malleable than other fillers on the market. The formula is also very stable and well-blended, due to its bacterial fermentation process.  At 24 milligrams per milliliters, this filler contains the highest concentration of HA available, which allows the product to degrade more slowly. This gives you longer-lasting results that you’ll love.  HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body, and is what provides our skin with moisture and elasticity. By boosting hyaluronic acid in targeted areas of your face and lips, you can get back to the days of youthful, full, and flexible facial features.

Treatments can address:

What can I expect during my appointment?

During your initial consultation, a treatment plan will be created. If your treatment plan includes Ultra XC, we will administer lidocaine into the face to numb the injection points.  Next, Ultra XC will be injected into your lips or lip/cheek area.  Depending on what your primary area of concern is and other factors, you can expect your treatment to take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.  Follow-up treatments are usually shorter.

There is minimal downtime after treatment, and patients may return to their normal activities immediately. There can be some minor swelling and bruising in some patients, but these are usually mild.

What are the side effects after Ultra XC injections?

Side effects after Juvederm Voluma treatment are generally minor, such as bruising or mild swelling. It can be easily concealed with makeup. Avoiding certain blood thinners, such as aspirin and fish oil, can minimize bruising.

Am I Ultra XC candidate?

To learn if Juvederm Ultra XC is right for you, Inspire Med Spa will perform a thorough consultation.  To learn more or book an appointment call 918-340-6495 or contact us today!

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